Centre of Excellence and Innovation of Composite Materials

Division of Advanced Composite Materials


  • Materials processing: metal-matrix composites (e.g. Cr/Re/Al2O3, NiAl/Al2O3, Ag/C, Cu/C) interpenetrating phase composites, biodegradable Mg/HAp composite.

  • Materials characterisation: microstructure analysis and measurement of thermomechanical properties

  • Materials modelling: effective properties, fabrication-induced thermal stresses, deformation, damage and fracture 


    • Powder metallurgy, liquid metal infiltration

    • Light and scanning electron microscopy

    • Micro-computed tomography ( µ-CT)

    • X-ray and neutron diffraction

    • Thermo-mechanical testing

    • Numerical modelling of residual stresses, elastic properties,
      damage and fracture using µ-CT images