Head of the Division

Michał Basista, Prof. IPPT PAN

Research area:

  • Modelling of damage and fracture of brittle materials and metal-ceramic composites
  • Micromechanics of advanced materials
  • Numerical modelling of elastic properties and thermal residual stresses of metal-ceramic composites using images from computed micro-tomography
  • Processing of metal-ceramic composites (bulk and graded) by powder metallurgy
Ph. D. Thesis: "Constitutive equations and limit load estimations for initially anisotropic bodies”,
IPPT PAN, Warsaw, 1985

Habilitation Thesis: " Micromechanical and lattice modeling of brittle damage”, IPPT PAN, Warsaw, 2002


Other information:

Research Scholarship of Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), Darmstadt University of Technology,
Institute of Mechanics, Germany, 1983-1984

Post-doc at University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Dept. Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Metallurgy, USA, 1989

Visiting scholar at Arizona State University, Dept. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Tempe, USA, 1989-1991

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Institute of Mechanics, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, 1994-95

Visiting Professor at China University of Mining and Technology, Peking, China, 2002

Member of Editorial Boards of
  • International Journal of Damage Mechanics
  • Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (ZAMM)
  • Plastic Forming of Metals
Chief Executive Officer of the European Virtual Institute on Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials (KMM-VIN AISBL)

General Secretary of the European Technology Platform on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EuMaT)

Member of the Management Committee of Alliance of Materials (A4M)

Member of the European Science Foundation Expert Committee on Materials Science and Engineering (MatSEEC)

Member of the scientific committees of international conferences , e.g.: International Conference on Fracture 13 (Beijing, 2013), 9th International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of the Advanced Materials THERMEC 2016, Graz, Austria, EUROMAT 2015 Topic Coordinator of Area E3: Materials for Transportation, Warsaw, Poland.

Coordinator of large scale research projects funded by the EU:
  • FP6: “Knowledge-based Multicomponent Materials for Durable and Safe Performance” (KMM-NoE), 2004-2009; project co-coordinator
  • FP7: “Micro and Nanocrystalline Functionally Graded Materials for Transport Applications” (MATRANS), 2010-2013, project coordinator
  • UE Structural Funds: “Metal-ceramic Composites and Nanocomposites for Aerospace and Automotive Industry”                                                  (KomCerMet), 2008-2014, project coordinator
office no.: 143
Phone: +48 22 828 5374 


Main publications:

Article title
1. Influence of rhenium addition on microstructure, mechanical properties and oxidation resistance of NiAl obtained by powder metallurgy K. Bochenek, W. Węglewski, J. Morgiel, M. Basista (2018) Materials Science & Engineering A, 735, 121-130
2. Effect of microstructure on mechanical properties and residual stresses in interpenetrating aluminum-alumina composites fabricated by squeeze casting J. Maj, M. Basista, W. Węglewski, K. Bochenek, A. Strojny-Nędza, K. Naplocha, T. Panzer, M. Tatarkova, F. Fiori (2018) Materials Science & Engineering A, 715, 154-162
3. Processing Induced Flaws in Aluminum–Alumina Interpenetrating Phase Composites M. Basista, J. Jakubowska, W. Węglewski (2017) Advanced Engineering Materials, 19(1700484), 1-14
4. Numerical modeling of deformation and fracture of reinforcing fibers in ceramic–metal composites Z. Poniżnik, Z. Nowak, M. Basista (2017) International Journal of Damage Mechanics, 18(5), 711-734
5. Micro-CT Finite Element Analysis of Thermal Residual Stresses and Fracture in Metal-Ceramic Composites M. Basista, W. Węglewski, K. Bochenek, Z. Poniżnik, Z. Nowak (2017) Advanced Engineering Materials, 19(8), 1600725
6. Influence of material coating on the heat transfer in a layered Cu-SiC-Cu systems A.    Strojny-Nędza, K. Pietrzak, M. Teodorczyk, M. Basista, W. Węglewski, M. Chmielewski​ (2017) Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 62,1311-1314
7. Recent advances in research on magnesium alloys and magnesium–calcium phosphate composites as biodegradable implant materials K. Kuśnierczyk, M. Basista (2017) Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 31(6), 878-900
8. Rhenium doped chromium-alumina composites for high-temperature applications

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