Centre of Excellence and Innovation of Composite Materials (CDIMK)

Centre of Excellence and Innovation of Composite Materials (CDIMK) has been created to exploit and further develop the knowledge and experience accumulated at IPPT during the last decade in the field of advanced multicomponent materials due to the participation in a number of European and national projects such as AMAS (FP5), KMM-NoE (FP6), MATRANS (FP7) and KomCerMet (POIG 1-3). The underlying idea of the Centre was to gather a group of researchers with complementary expertise necessary to conduct an integrated research on composite materials comprising processing technologies, characterization of microstructure and properties, and modeling of materials at a design phase and under service conditions. It is a horizontal component in the IPPT organogram comprising four research groups: Advanced Composite Materials, Laser Technological Applications, Mechanics of Inelastic Materials and Computational Methods in Nonlinear Mechanics. The primary focus of the Centre is on metal-ceramic bulk composites with metal or ceramic matrices, functionally graded composites (FGM) and composite coatings.

The Centre carries out fundamental and applied research on structural and functional materials from these materials classes. Its strategic research directions and specific research topics are inspired by the R&D needs of the national and European industry mainly from automotive, aerospace, energy and electronics sectors.